Hard Won Battles

Have you ever noticed that the things you wanted most in your life you usually had to work the hardest for? Is that just me? I don't know. My life until college was relatively easy. College was really, really hard. I worked my ass off and did not party like my peers did. If you don't know, my degree is in electrical engineering, that's how hard it was. Most of the time when I tell people what my degree is in I get this crazy stare like, "Whaaaattt?! Really?!" So my college experience, including affording it as well as studying, very hard won battle and it was really worth it.

I think meeting DH was the only thing that wasn't that difficult (met at college), but keeping our relationship fresh has been very difficult. Learning to communicate with each other has been really hard, but the rewards have been worth the hard work. We get along so well now after 16 years of marriage, I can't imagine my life without my best friend that I can say anything to.

Work, ugh, very hard won. I've been through it all. Bad managers, depression about not getting recognized, long hours. But things are pretty good right now. I love my job and the people I work with. I feel appreciated and well paid (although I wouldn't stop them if they paid me more, LOL!).

Having children was the hardest battle ever! I knew my RE for 10 years before we finished having children. I've studied countless books, went to two acupuncturists (the second one was awesome!), chiropractors, changed my diet, taught myself to relax more (very hard to do when you're infertile) and went through endless cycles of OI/IUI and IVF. We got our reward. Our three kids are the best ever and well worth the wait.

What makes me think about this? Well, the next chapter. What am I willing to sink all my energy into now to make my life become something different? I think I know what it is, which is writing my book and talking to Moms out there about not forgetting who they are deep down while they immerse themselves in mothering. I just need to kick myself in the butt and keep at it. Making writing a goal daily. Lately I've been doing that by blogging more and trying to increase the consistency of that writing. Then when I'm sitting to write my blog, I write down a few paragraphs on the topic of my book. It takes commitment to self-motivate. I see that, but I'm working on the drive that drove me through all the other life events and progressions.

What motivates you these days? What does this motivate you to do?


BigP's Heather said…
A new wardrobe is motivating me.

It is motivating me to lose weight.
The thought of my picture on a book cover and being able to say to people, "I'm a published author".

PS I would LOVE to coach you on this next stage in your life :)
It's summer...I will remain unmotivated until the Fall! LOL

I honestly need to take some classes to maintain my teaching certificate, so there's that...pretty big motivation.

I'm a lister...lists motivate me. All I need is to write it down and I'm moving forward.
Lauren said…
Volunteering is motivating me in so many ways.

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