Love Sex in the City 2

I got to watch Sex in the City 2 and I know it got bad reviews, but I still loved it! I continue to feel I embody every character in the show and movies. I know I've written about it before, but with this movie, it was even more as they continue with the movies. So here's a round up: Carrie - I love fashion, shoes and spending time alone with my husband. As we find ourselves with one more week sans kids, I'm enjoying the time we have together to relax, eat dinner, talk and watch TV. If you've seen the movie, it even makes me think of wanting to watch old black and white movies like we used to, just like Carrie and John James Preston do. Charlotte - I love my family so much, had a hard time having children, now they are all here and I do think it's nice to have some time off. Miranda - I'm fiercely driven by my job and career, but I do need to figure out how to have better balance just like she is trying to in the movie. Samantha - I do like sex, I'm blonde and outspoken. Nuff said. LOL

So one more week while the three kids are enjoying themselves at boy scout camp. We talked to the kids on the phone tonight. Phoebe told me she went today to take the swim test and she past (of course), so she can go on the deep end. The boys both said "Hi" on the phone and said "Mommy" and "Daddy" so obviously they aren't forgetting who we are.

We'll it's back to work tomorrow and my friend is working at my favorite Black and White store (that's what I call it) tomorrow night, so I think DH and I will stop by and maybe grab a bite to eat after work. I'll have to see what sale items I can come up with. I do want to look at their bathing suits!


I also loved it! Just to watch girly stuff :)

I'm officially jealous that you're having non-kid time and DAYS of it :)

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