The Universe Is Being Very Very Nice Today to Me

I am completely floored with how nice today is turning out considering how icky yesterday was. I was in a full melt-down last night that I haven't known in ages. So what happened is I seem to be getting a forced day off of work! On a beautiful Friday! What happened it seems is that the PC computers at my office are all down! We can't login to our computers, check our schedules or emails. Thankfully, it is a quiet time of the month at work, so I don't mind one bit! I do feel for the people who are working on the issue, which we don't know what it is.

So what happened is I woke up this morning with my pretty toes, fingers and glowing skin, thanks to the well-needed primping I did last night, but I still wasn't feeling 100%. I know there is still a lot of personal stuff I want to get done and considering I had to shower and go to work, and then try to leave early today as DH and I are going away for the weekend to the mountains with friends, kid-free, there was no way any of it was going to get done. I got out of the shower and heard my cell phone ringing downstairs with a text message. I figured it was nothing important and I could get it later, so I finished getting dressed and before I put my makeup on, I decided to take a few things downstairs so I wouldn't have to make a few trips later. While downstairs, I checked my text messages and I had a few phone calls too! They were all from work saying everything our computers were all down and they were working on it, but no ETA. I called one of the managers on my team back and he confirmed. So we called the few people who weren't in the office yet and told them to hold tight at home and see what happens. This was great for one of my other managers as her two kids and husband are all sick with fevers and sore throats. I decided to do the same and I've been putz-ing around the house getting lots of things done. I got laundry started (on the second load in the washer now), the living room picked up of toys, dusted, straightened up the kitchen and soon I'm going to vacuum the living room and clean up my desk. Then I'll pack for the weekend and I think we'll be able to get an early start, if DH isn't stuck working (he's working from home today).

Wow! Just when you think you've hit an all new low, something comes along and perks you up!


First, I love the word "putz" :) I saw potter around the house but from today I'm going to say putz :)

I love picking up phrases from all over the world and using them.

My favourite is still "gasping" for a cup of tea from Ireland :)

Then, last night I dreamt we went to NYC, after you and I decided to meet up there.

Third, so glad you're having a nice day.

I've also had a very nice (quiet day) - I even left work early and then I did two no-sew blankets (I'll post tomorrow) and now I'm about to make party favours!
serenity said…
I love when the universe decides to cut you some slack. Happened to me yesterday - O had pink eye so I had to be home with him in the morning and we got to sit and watch part of a movie together. I really needed it.

So happy you get your day today!

Mandy said…
Hooray for a better day! You were much in need!

I hope the weekend is fantastic and the rain holds off!
Queenie. . . said…
What a nice surprise--kind of like a snow day! Hope you have a great weekend away. It sounds like it's coming at the perfect time.

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