Friday - Doctors and Work Stuff

Again I got a lot done today, but I'm exhausted! This morning I got to make up for not seeing the boys last night as when I got back from getting my hair done they were in bed. Niki had a doctor's appointment and I watched the boys and got some work done from home on the computer while she was gone. Then I realized when I was changing Liam's diaper that he had a rash on his body, so took him to the doctor for the second time this week (and we'll be back on Monday to finish his physical!). Turns out that high fever was really a virus and this is the rash that follows it. That's what I thought anyway. The thing I'm worried about is he needs to get his appetite back. He was 23 lbs on Monday and today he was 22 lbs 10 oz. That means he lost 6 oz in a few days and he's a skinny kid to begin with! After I brought Liam back home, I went to work and got a ton of stuff done there. I got the computer accounts requested for the new contractors that are starting soon and then I cleaned out a ton of emails. Now I seriously need to relax and have a weekend.

BTW, sorry about being asked for a password when you connect to my blog. I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. An old blog friend put a password on her blog and I did remove it from the blogs I was following, but it's still asking me for a password and acting like I still have it on my blog roll on the bottom left.


I get the password request when I click from work, but not from here. Then I just click cancel and it lets me continue reading as normal :)

hope that rash disappears quickly and yay to a very productive week - have a FAB weekend.
Queenie. . . said…
Sounds like you have earned a very relaxing weekend! Hope the virus resolves quickly, and without infecting the other kids!

I've been wondering what was up with the password thing.
Matt gets those rashes at the end of his viruses...weird, but doesn't seem to be a huge problem for him. Hope is goes away quickly!

I didn't get the password thing this time.
strongblonde said…
kids have so many weird symptoms that never seem to make sense to me!!

i get asked for the passsword, but then it lets me look anyway! :)

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