Status of Week Alone with Three Kids and Work

So this week, DH was away most of the time as well as Niki, my SIL and the boys nanny. The boys were in day care Tuesday and Wednesday and they loved it. Here's a recap of the week:

Took a personal day as the day care medical forms weren't finished as Liam didn't have a physical when we went in for his two year check, as he was sick. They rescheduled for Monday afternoon at 1PM which was nap time. It still went well and Liam did great for his appointment. We got the forms filled out and that night I got everyone ready for day care the next day, packing bedding, extra change of clothes, diapers, wipes and lunch. Getting stuff packed the night before really helped.

Got Phoebe on the bus for school and took the boys to day care. I was a little later for work that usual, but everyone got where they needed to be and the boys were happy to go outside. It took awhile to get them into school, as I needed them to walk and they walked in really slow, but the good news is they could walk. The last time we went there, neither of them could walk and it was tough to carry them both and their accoutrements. This time was better in that it was slow, but my arms weren't killing me, LOL. After work, picked up Phoebe from the house, got the boys and made a very quick dinner at home and then ran to Phoebe's ice skating class with the boys in tow. We got back, I cleaned up the dishes and packed lunches. DH just got home and had to leave early the next morning.

Got Phoebe on the bus and was trying to make an early start to get to work as I had a 9 AM interview to hire a manager for our Mumbai position. Phoebe had a project due at school that day that DH and her worked on all weekend. It was a paper mache planet and it did get destroyed on the bus Wednesday morning as no one could drive her to school. We thought everything would be OK, but my gut told me it would not be and it very surely wasn't. So, picked up Phoebe from the house, the boys from day care and took them to AC Moore so Phoebe could get supplies to re-make her planet from a foam sphere and other stuff, ordered chinese food when we were in the parking lot after we acquired these supplies (Phoebe found out I keep our favorite take-out places in my cell phone contacts list) and went home to feed kids, put boys to bed and Phoebe worked on her planet and all other homework. In the meantime, the in-laws decided to pick the boys up early on Wednesday night instead of Thursday and then it was just Phoebe and me. She slept on my bed Wednesday night and who would have known that a 10-year-old girl could take up an entire king size bed?

Thursday (today)
No babies - sniff! Even Phoebe said she missed them. Drove Phoebe to school to make sure the new planet project didn't get ruined on the bus. Went to work and tried to get as much done as possible. Tomorrow I'm working from home and I'm sure I'll get a lot of things done. We're taking Phoebe to NYC for the weekend tomorrow evening and she doesn't know yet. That's why my in-laws were taking the boys for the weekend. I hope she has a good time. Well I have to go soon, so Phoebe doesn't see what I just typed.

To sum up though, the important things I've learned is that it's better to prepare the night before with clothes and lunches for everyone and that it's easier now that the boys can walk and express themselves with some small words and phrases. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Deanna said…
Busy week...sounds like you all deserve a fun trip to NYC! Enjoy!!
Lauren said…
Gotta love crazy weeks. :-)

But NYC sounds like fun!
Mandy said…
I think my head is spinning. I don't know how you do it. I am truly scared to have kids that have lives... school projects and extra curriculars seem so far off! But you always handle these things with such grace! Go you!
strongblonde said…
when i was at home with the kids alone (and even when i'm not alone) i prepared everything the night before: layed out clothes, packed their lunch, my lunch, and prepped the coffee for me!! it makes the morning seem much smoother, you know :)

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