Heather's Life List of 40

My very good online friend, Marcia of 123Blog, has finally gotten me to break down and create my Life List. She has 36 as she's 36 years old, so since I'm 40, I went with 40. I don't expect to get all these things done this year, but I'd like to get quite a few done over the next 5 years. I'll research how I can put this link in my header of my blog and keep everyone updated.

1. Pay off credit card debt (yes, we have some)
2. Build a successful online business
3. Write a book
4. Be able to stop working in the corporate world
5. Buy a rental property and obtain successful renter
6. Declutter house
7. Build my routines I can stick to
8. Have a pool installed
9. Build our outdoor living spaces
10. Get new flooring in the house (carpet, hardwood floors, leather floor in study)
11. Decorate all the rooms in our dream house, including organizing the garage
12. Buy a new family car to replace the current one
13. Learn to wear heels regularly again
14. Have my breasts done (lift and enhance)
15. Have varicose veins fixed on legs
16. Commit to daily exercise
17. Get a massage once a month
18. Get a pedicure once a month
19. Keep up with my hair color (have done every 4-6 weeks)
20. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
21. Stick to a skincare routine
22. Take 1 yoga class a week
23. Complete a yoga teacher training program
24. Look fabulous in a bikini again
25. Learn to cook more fabulous healthy recipes
26. Have a successful vegetable and herb garden
27. Organize, backup and print out photos
28. Get in front of the camera more
29. Spend more time with friends
30. Spend 1-1 time with each of our children
31. Have a date night with DH 2 to 4 times a month
32. Help DH be happy with his career
33. Volunteer at kids school
34. Have more time to keep up with Phoebe’s activities
35. Get boys enrolled in preschool
36. Learn to play piano
37. Learn to speak French
38. Travel to Italy
39. Travel to France
40. Travel to England/Ireland


ModernMom said…
Oh I do love this idea and keep saying I am going to do it! A life list is so much more positive then a bucket list:) Love it!
Queenie. . . said…
I love the idea of the list. I need to do one, too! That's a pretty ambitious list you've put together, but you might as well shoot for the stars, right? It's always amazing what you can achieve when you set your sights high.
Deanna said…
Love it! Marcia has inspired me to at least think about working on a list as well. There will be many, many travel destinations on mine. : )
OneRadMother said…
Greart ideas - and such positive thinking!!

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