OK. I've got my energy back. I got lots done last night. I didn't get down to the gym, but I completed the following:

Had dinner (more on that later).
Did evening routine of cleaning up dishes, packing lunches for tomorrow, getting Phoebe ready for bed.
Walked the dog.
Gave the dog a bath (she really needed it).
Cleaned up the kitchen
Folded a load of laundry, started a new load.
Mopped the kitchen floor.
Cleaned out some of my drawers in the closet.

Wow! I did good. Then I read some of the latest book I'm reading. I'm a Michael Crichton fan, and I'm just getting around to reading Prey.

Dinner tonight was one of our favorites, a bed of field greens, clover sprouts, avacado, gorgonzola cheese, and grilled sliced up Italian sausage with a raspberry walnut salad dressing. Mmmm, Mmmm, good.


Gerah said…
I make a salad that is very similar and one of my favorites.... YUM. I"ll have to try yours!

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