The Night Before

Interviewing tomorrow. I'm very nervous. I guess in a way I'm hoping we both like each other. I'm starting to think that interviewing is my new dating. I haven't dated in over 12 years, but interviewing has all that excitement, anticipation... will I like them, will they like me, can I spend the next few years of my life with them. Funny thing, I don't believe in divorce, so I'll never date another man in my life, but no one stays with companies forever anymore. We divorce companies when we realize we have "irreconcilable differences." We can date new companies forever, although in this case there probably will never be the one that is forever, that is meant to be for us for all time.

Didn't one of my blog friends say something recently about not blogging after drinking wine. Oh well, guess I'm committing that mistake. It's not like too many people read my blog, so no one may ever know.

So I also heard there are a lot of project manager positions open at Comcast in Mt. Laurel. We've been talking about moving to South Jersey, so there would be a good opportunity. It's not like it matters to Tom. He's been working from home, unless he's traveling for business. Anyway, time to get into comfy clothes and get relaxed for tomorrowl.


Kimber said…
I totally believe in blogging whilst drinking. Heee! Nothing hardcore, but a lovely glass of wine does wonders for getting the posts out.

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