Back to Normal Life - Yeah!!!

Tom went out of town on business again yesterday morning, but he called me a second time last night for the sweetest tell me that he appreciates me. This meant so much to me! I think the reason it really came to his notice is that the house was a real mess after my SIL stayed with Phoebe and Corona last week. We got the house all ship shape and then still had time for other things on Sunday. But I think he realized how much the little things I do (thanks, Flylady!) keep the house in order and how much he's come to like it.

The last piece of the trip to KCMO I liked is that we went to Independence, MO and toured the Truman Presidential library. It was very interesting. I'm also curious why I seem to be able to find an infertility lesson in every corner? Found out on the tour that Bess Truman had two miscarriages, and that finally their daughter Margie was born. They only had the one daughter, and she was spoiled with attention. Sound familiar to our story.


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