My Hero, My Husband

What was it with the men last night? Was their some greater cosmic force at work having husbands help their wives with domestic stuff and help give us a break? Tertia was having a good night with her hubby helping with the twins,
Well the cosmic forces were at work at my house last night, too! Every Monday night, I do the "Weekly House Blessing" per Flylady. I know mine is more than an hour. It's because of perfectionism I know, but I'm also throwing in my nightly routine and laundry.

Usually, this is something I do myself Monday nights and really don't get to bed/relax until about 11 PM, unless I skip mopping the floor or something. I usually try to keep Tom as far away from me as possible as he has a habit of complaining about cleaning. I think it's a man thing. He can be OK in the house if it's messy, but it drives me crazy!!! Anyway, I try to quit the stinkin' thinkin' and just do it for me. It works out to a point, but I try not to complain and work on my martyr ways.

Well last night I came home, the laundry was started. I took the dog (Corona) out when I got in and when I was outside I thought I smelled a dryer, but I figured it couldn't be mine, I didn't have it on. After I got Corona some dinner, I went upstairs to get changed out of my work clothes, and I realized the sheets were taken off the bed. That's when I realized he started the laundry and started the weekly house blessing for me!

All night he either dusted, vacuumed, or cleaned floors. I didn't even have to ask him to do something. I asked him to do two things when he seemed like he was getting stumped on what was next towards the end. Everything got done around 10:30, but we had even done more than I ever get done in that amount of time. I think he deserves just the biggest kiss. I know some people might say he should help out around the house, but considering it is more important to me than to him, I'm considering this to be supporting my needs. And I think that is the best trait in a husband. My Husband, My Hero!


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