Phoebe Says She's Getting a Baby Sister

Yes, she does. Interesting story, and it definately proves that she pays attention to the conversations we have with her, and not just what she wants to say next.

Here goes.... we're in the Strawbridge's children's department on Saturday, sent there while my DH covertly got the Easter candy from one of the stores nearby. We got bored at looking at clothes that are Phoebe's size because none of the pants have adjustable waistbands which she needs for her Size 6 legs and Size 4 waist. So we started looking at baby girl clothes, and I was saying we should look for Aunt Darci, because we want her to have a girl. So then Phoebe says, "Let's look for clothes for my baby sister." I asked her, "What baby sister?" She said, "I'm going to have a baby sister." I asked her how this was going to happen and she said, "You and Daddy are going to get a baby from someone else, because you can't have one." I guess my infertility only bugs me. She seems to not have a problem with adopting a baby, as long as it's a girl baby.

Maybe I should make life seem as simple.

So, I've been thinking about starting the papers for adoption, but we need to wait. Tom finds out in less than three weeks if he gets into Wharton. If he does, that'll be a big change for our family. I also need to see where I'm going to work next, but I don't see that as an impediment to contacting adoption agencies. I think the thing that worries me the most is that it takes longer to adopt a second child as the potential mothers see that you already have one. I think that shouldn't be. I think it should be a plus. I already have Credentials and References. I've proved I could do a job with the one I was able to create. Let me try with yours?????


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