Second Guessing - Why not me?

I think I'm coming to admit it...I still want another baby. Damn, I've been trying to repress it, but it's too hard. I miss the warm fuzziness and smell of my own baby. Other people's babies just don't cut it. You're not allowed to hold and snuggle them and enjoy that feeling you get from the one that knows you as Mommy. It's just different.

I'm not quite sure what to do with this information. Do I shag my husband like crazy and make sure I'm taking all my supplements? Or do I go back to Dr. Russell and do more ovulation induction? I just gave them all my meds a few months ago? Do I do another IVF? That last one I have a hard time with.

I think I'm still going to have to stick to the first option. I'm not that crazy about all the doctor's appointments, needles, and waiting. It takes too much from my life. Maybe I can still make this happen on my own. Lots of other women can that are even older than me. Why not me?


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