I'm glad that Tom and I can be so honest with each other, but sometimes his honesty makes me wonder why we're together. I guess it balances out with all the strange things we have in common that make it amazing how we found the perfect person to be with.

So last night's honesty.... I miss my home and family. I miss my crazy daughter and even more crazy dog. I miss being able to make dinner in my house at night. So I admitted this to Tom and he admitted he doesn't miss them. That maybe because he goes away on business a lot, he's kind of immune to that sort of thing. We talked about how I'm always Mom. I never go away on business. I'm away from Phoebe when I'm at work, but other than that we're always together. Tom and I will have Phoebe go to her grandparents overnight sometimes so we can have a really late night out and sleep in late the next day, but I still know I get to see her the next day.

I'm going to call home now and see how the crazy bunch are doing, but before that I have something funny Phoebe said. We were driving my sister in law, Nicki, to our house so she could watch this crazy bunch while we're gone. Nicki was saying about our other nephew who never talks (he's 5, it's strange, he won't talk in public) and she was watching him that day and apparently he was being quite the chatterbox. Phoebe chimes in, "Guess what? I'm always a chatterbox!" I'm glad she knows.... I miss that little chatterbox.


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