So I had a breakdown Friday night. We were going to my sister-in-laws 28th birthday party. Tom could tell I wasn't in a great mood on the over an hour drive there. So on the way he asked me what was going on. I explained. I explained how I really still wanted a baby, didn't want to do treatments, and wasn't quite sure about what to do. We talked about adoption. Apparently he heard that there may be a way to get a low cost adoption, even from the adoption agency we contacted for more information and found out it was over $13,000 for a domestic adoption. We also discussed about how it is harder to adopt when you already have a child. So I cried, got it out of my system, and we talked about making some plans for trips, vacations, fun things to do.

I feel a lot better. I think I needed to get the talking, crying, etc. out of my system. Now I'm ready to go enjoy myself on vacation without Phoebe and Corona to Kansas City with Tom.


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