Tired from Week

I'm on a conference call with work right now testing some firewall rule changes that pushed out. For those of you who haven't noticed this is after 9:30 PM. I hate my job more than anything right now. I love the team of folks that I work with, but my management has to go.

On that note, I've been busy with a lot this week trying to find myself that bigger and better job. I had a second interview at Juniper, with the same two people as before, but they met with me at the same time. I really hope they are serious. They seemed it. They also seemed like they are now in a hurry to make a decision, but I'd still need to come back and meet with the CIO and CTO. One of them is on vacation. This job opportunity sounds very interesting as they described that they are looking for a Program Manager for Partnership launches that can communicate with all the business areas, the partners, and the development teams. I think that sounds interesting and is a step up from what I'm doing right now.

I also had a bunch of interviews for the internal position in Decision Sciences. I also think this would be a good opportunity, although it is a lateral move but the growth opportunities would be good. Not as much exposure as the Juniper position, but it's a good fallback. Staying at my current company is not a bad idea, depending on how much $$ the other position offers me.

Talking about money.... apparently I make too much for the Comcast project management job. The HR guy called me and he indicated that. He said he would talk to the hiring manager, but that it was out of the range they were looking for. Some people have told me that banking pays much more than other industries. I guess they were right.

So we'll see what happens. On another note, I ordered some infertility books from Amazon. In particular the book that Sara from Baby or Bust is reading. It's about TCM helping infertility. I think anything is worth a shot right now (no pun intended, I don't want anymore shots).

BTW, has anyone watched "Sex and the City" since blogging and realized Carrie sounds just like a woman blogging and not writing a newspaper column?


Gerah said…
I think that EVERY time I watch it. And I crack up at the faces she makes while writing.

P.S. I've included you in a game of blog freeze tag somethingoranother... You might want to check out my post from last Tuesday...

And darn it, this comment post thing won't let me sign in as a NON-BLOGGER ACCOUNT USER.. What's up with that?
Heather said…
Thanks, Gerah. I'll check out the post from last Tuesday. I think I fixed the comment thing too. I had to allow anyone to comment. Not just registered users.

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