Can't get a break. Thought was doing lovely this evening being prepared for Phoebe to go to cousin's birthday party, by going to ToysRUs on way home from work. Made us a little late to get home, but we're just eating leftovers, so shouldn't be bad, right?

So wrong!!! Got home, took dog out, started heating up dinner. Phoebe starts crying in the powder room. She's constipated. Guess she's been drinking a bit too much milk lately. Talk to her a bit and realize it's a little cold in the house. Take look at thermostat to see the temp. 62 degrees!!!! Go to register for central air as blower is on. I can hear it. It's cold. After a phone call to MIL realize it's the same thing that happened last March. Find phone number for company. Thankfully, they walk me through restarting the furnace over the phone. It works!!! Now the question is if I should have them come over tomorrow or wait for Monday. Weekend rates, ack!

Phoebe is finally eating her dinner in front of the fireplace with the heat starting to work and I'm eating some cheese, crackers, and a cordial glass of port. Yeah I'm cheating on my diet, but I so need it!!!

Please let tomorrow be better.


Anonymous said…
Hope she is feeling better.
Emily aka madmommy

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