Great, Yet Busy Weekend

What a great weekend. We were very, very busy, but it was chock-full of great moments. We're still doing lots of stuff to get our house ready to put on the market. It has to go up within the next week or two.

Saturday morning Phoebe had ice skating class. They had a different teacher today, which was good because she helped Phoebe and another girl learn a skill they were both having problems with. I have no idea what it's called, as I'm not an expert on figure skating. I just know how do to the the basic skills, but no idea what they are called.

After ice skating, I took Phoebe to the Natural Foods Co-Op. She'd never been there before, but she loved every minute of it. BTW, I'm in love with their produce department. All their produce is organic, and they have everything!!! I had made a grocery list for the week with what produce we needed for our weekly menu and bought all organic veggies! I think we may make this a Saturday ritual for after ice-skating. Both her class and this store are on the U of DE campus, so we can continue this even after we move. I have to admit I did taste a difference. We bought some grapes and plums for fruit for the week, and they REALLY tasted good. No flat taste like you would get from the regular grocery store. I can't wait to buy their tomatoes. Just to give you a flavor for what their selections are we bought the following: zucchini, mustard greens, fresh thyme, parsley, grapes, plums, brocolli, celery, carrots. Can't wait to do some cooking tonight as I haven't had time to the rest of the weekend.

After we got home on Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands: went to the new house and took some pics, ran to Whole Foods near the new house, bought a Border's gift certificate for a friend's daugher, went to Old Navy and bought Phoebe more jeans and shirts (now I don't have to wash her 3 pairs of jeans mid-week to get her through the rest of the week!), and then Home Depot to buy the baseboard and other trim to finish the basement. We did go out to dinner in between errands and didn't get home until 10 PM. Phoebe was exhausted. Needless to say, so were we!

Sunday, I woke up early, worked out on the EFX in the basement, and then got right to painting. I painted the baseboard and trim for the basement. Then, I painted the trim and doors already hanging in the upstairs hallway, because we painted the walls up there, and I hadn't gotten to the trim yet. The new hardwood floor for the hallway is being installed today, so I wanted to do all that painting now, when I don't have to be as careful with the floor. I painted until 1 AM last night, only stopping to eat dinner that Tom made and when we went to the previously mentioned friend's after our dinner to have cake for her daughter's birthday.

Phoebe was pretty good through me doing all this work. Tom was studying all day for school, and he did go up to school for a last-minute Accounting study session with the teacher (they have an Accounting exam on Friday). Phoebe played with bubbles in the front yard when I was painting the trim for the basement in the garage. Then she was playing in the living room when I was upstairs. She'd come and ask me for help with stuff every now and then. Oh, and we did stop for a break and ate some grapes in the afternoon. Mmmm.

So now I'm at work, I'm amazingly not tired, but I'm missing yoga today as I have an all day SQL training class on-site. I do have a lunch break, but I'm using it to catch up on work and of course, write on my blog.


Anonymous said…
Busy you!
Emily aka madmommy

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