I'm officially late if you go by my Fertility Friend chart. I'm 14 DPO with no official temp drop in sight. It went back up again this morning at 98.2. I think it might have been even higher on Sunday morning if I was able to get a good reading in, but we were up really late and DH woke me up in the middle of the night and I got up. When I took my temp at 8:30 AM, it was 99. I didn't bother to record that one.

We'll see what happens. I hate FREDs as I took one last night and this morning. Both were negative. Then hope rears her mighty head reminding me of the notes I've seen of a high number of false negatives with FREDs. Why didn't I buy something else?


Anonymous said…
Still crossing fingers and toes for you! FRED's stink, it was totally wrong with my daughter. I got a negative with a FRED, but a positive with a Walmart Equate brand and my daughter is now three! Lots of good vibes to you!

The Queen Mama said…
What's a FRED? Not familiar with the term. I too chart temps and the like, using NFP, though for me it's to postpone for a while (three boys under age 5 at home...you SURE you want more? ;-) Of course you do.)

Anyway, best of luck to you in your journey to preggerdom. As one who seems to get pregnant just by LOOKING at a penis, my heart always goes out to my sisters who have trouble getting there.

If you want a few laughs about life with plenty o'kiddos, come by my site for a visit: www.thequeenmama.blogspot.com

Best wishes!
Amanda said…
i too, am unsure what a FRED is. Either way though, i am wishing you the best of luck!!
Just getting back around to your site, so i'll be anxious to hear how things work out...
Karen said…
FRED does suck. If you buy another brand, try the early version of FactPlus, it's much better. Sending you lots of good thoughts.
Heather said…
Sorry about the confusion. FRED is First Response Early Detection. They state they can let you know 5 days before a missed period, but the informal research done by PG women on the internet show that there is a high % of false negatives of FREDs. I don't know why I picked it up. I guess it was that marketing language on the front! LOL

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