Update on New Diet

Things are going OK. It's pretty hard when we're at other people's houses, like my in-laws for dinner. So I'm not announcing my new restrictions, just eating my MIL's fantastic meatloaf in moderation on Sunday. It was so good. Over the weekend in the afternoon, DH and I would go out for coffee. I need to start turning that over to tea. So I had one coffee on Saturday and another on Sunday, but yesterday and today I've been very good.

I'm trying really hard not to beat myself up if I stray a little, as long as I'm remembering to cheat in small amounts and go back to plan right after. Such as last night I had a few Hershey's minatures. It was Halloween! Gotta have some chocolate.

I'll try to post my updates daily though. Keeps me going.


cat said…
Good luck with your new diet plans. Remember everything in moderation is ok once in awhile. You are correct if overall you stick to your plan the occasional stray is not a problem at all.

Enjoy the strays and then the master plan shall be easier.

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