How do I love Tertia? Let me count the ways...

I'm sorry to say, but Tertia has been getting a lot of flak on her website lately for not beige-ing down her posts. I know I usually don't touch on a lot of topics that some may disagree with as I'm usually too busy writing about my desire for another child, how much I love my daughter, and trying to balance work, home, and family. However, I'll take this moment to share a few of my more controversial thoughts.

I do not like the war in Iraq. I feel very much for the families of the soldiers that are out there and try to be very supportive of them. However, I do not agree that the way to fight terrorism is to play their game. I strongly believe that violence breeds violence. That said I also feel I should add that I also made a conscious decision not to add to it. My degree is in electrical engineering. When I graduated, it was during the recession of the early 90s. At the time, the best jobs I could get were in US Defense contracts. I refused to go into this industry, and instead took an initially lower paying job in computer networking.

I also do not have an issue with plastic surgery. Of course I don't like the idea of those that get multiple surgeries done in an effort to look fake and support a school of thought that beauty has the same look for everyone. I find the little differences in everyone very appealing. For myself, I do say go for it, if you are interested in changing something about yourself that you feel will make you feel more confident in your own skin. Mine is my breasts. Once I finish thinking of having children and won't need them for breastfeeding, I would like to get them lifted and enhanced to match my larger hip and shoulder frame. I'm not interested in looking like a porn star, but I'd like to have curves there that match my build better.

For the last controversial topic I'll speak on today let's take religion. I'm a recovering Catholic. I say that as I love the church and it's rituals; however, I've only met two priests I liked. It's such a shame. I think the church needs female and married priests. I'd like to receive counsel from someone that has practical experience in how to use your spirituality to get through daily trials. Instead I have found my own ways to cope. I practice yoga and mediate often. I've studied Zen Buddism (hence the subtitle for my blog) and Wicca. I try very hard to use patience and a desire to help others in my daily tasks. I pray to my ancestors (mostly the female ones), and when I walk my dog by the light of the moon, I pray to the Goddess to help me with whatever is troubling me that day. From my inherited religion, I pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary more than I would Jesus or any of the other saints. I like to think that she gets me in her role as a mother figure who had her own troubles to deal with as gracefully as possible.

For anyone who may read this post and want to comment, I say just as long as you respect my feelings, I'm fine with anyone who feels differently than me. Don't think that any of us blog in order to incite anyone. We are just writing about our personal feelings that would ordinarily go in a private journal, but we choose to go publicly in the hopes that some may feel like they are not alone, or for those that disagree, they can choose to read a differing opinion.


Catizhere said…
We have a lot in common...spiritually speaking.

I was raised as an Episcopalion, married a Catholic, and practiced
After getting pregnant with Maggie, I just "felt" more in touch with God than any other time in my life. Maggie is going to be raised as a Catholic.

I still feel VERY much in tune with the Earth Mother and spend as much time as I can outside.

Maggie calls the moon Luna. We say goodnight to her every night.

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