Fun with Caulk (and other ways I spent my Thanksgiving weekend)

I'm exhausted. We've been up until 2 AM for most of the nights over this Thanksgiving weekend, as we've been getting ready to put our house on the market tomorrow!!! I'll have to post a link to the Patterson Schwartz website for our house listing when they have it up.

This weekend in order to get ready we've done the following:
  • Installed crown molding in the two-story foyer and upstairs hallway (used caulk).
  • Installed two new sinks in our master bathroom with new faucets (more caulk).
  • Replaced the shower door in our master bathroom (more caulk again).
  • Painted the master bathroom.
  • Touch up paint on walls and trim (some caulking of windows).
  • Decluttered and deep cleaned the study and dining room.
  • Cleaned the whole house.

After midnight, as we're doing one big caulk-fest (Tom left the caulking of everything until the end), I'm making lots of over-tired jokes about my DH's caulk.

Pictures were taken this morning, and all the paperwork was filled out with the realtor. It'll be on the market tomorrow, if anyone is looking for a beautiful house in northern Delaware. We're totally exhausted. I had to blog and Tom is making some chocolate truffles. Why I don't know, but if I get to eat them, I won't complain. I guess we all have our stress outlets.

I can't wait to see Phoebe. Her grandparents are bringing her home for us today. She's been in NJ with them since Thanksgiving so we could get all this work done. They really are awesome in-laws. I'll have to tell them that in private. If I say it in the public family domain, I'll be told I have some brown on my nose.

I also have to post some pictures of the inside of the new house. It really is coming along. They have all the trim in and did most of the painting inside. I got so excited when we went by yesterday because some of the kitchen cabinets were installed!!!! I love my new kitchen cabinets. They're higher than the cabinets in our current kitchen and has all kinds of custom touches: trash pull out in island with two trash bins one for recycling, spice rack drawer cabinet next to stove, drawers in some of the lower cabinet shelves for easy access, a tall thin cabinet for cookie sheets. I could go on and on!!! I had to keep going back to the kitchen after looking at a few rooms to check it all out over again. This is going to be one awesome kitchen in one awesome house.


Emily said…
I'm so jealous!I want a new kitchen so badly.
Emily aka madmommy
Amanda said…
How exciting!! i'm a firm believer that a great kitchen makes a great house! Good luck with the old, and congrats on the new. :)

*looking foward to seeing some pictures too*
Moo Moo said…
That sounds wonderful, I can't wait til we get to design our own house... the one we have now is nice.. but I would like to pick everything out!

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