Momma Has Brown Hair!

I'll need to update my picture in the corner soon, as that was from June of this year. My hair is longer and yesterday I went to the hairstylist and told her I wanted hair the color of Phoebe's. She told me it's not possible to replicate the hair color of a child, as they get the real thing, but we got close. You can at least tell that she's my daughter now. I love it of course, it's close to my real hair color, only better.

I was having a tough day today. I was a little frustrated that I ovulated earlier than I expected this month. I just hope I'm on the right track, but I won't really know until a pregnancy shows up. Oh wait, that's right scratch the end to "when a baby shows up." I went to the acupuncturist today and we talked. She told me to be patient and it will happen. It made me feel a little better. The 1/2 hour nap while the needles were in REALLY made me feel better.

I guess what's so frustrating is the reminder on Sunday how good I am with babies. I was holding my SILs baby a lot and really enjoying it. I'd hand the baby back when he wanted to nurse and I think that was about it. That's one of the perks of being infertile. "Let her hold the baby. It's not like she going to hold her own anytime soon!" Well, the one time he started to fuss I thought he was tired and not hungry, but his mom went to go make herself comfortable in the living room to nurse, and I didn't say what I thought. By the time she finished what she was doing in the kitchen, sat down, got the pillows together, etc., he was asleep on my chest. I put him down for a nap without even waking him as he hit the mattress. Man, I'm good! All this talent wasted.

Five-year-olds on the other hand, I'm not feeling so good with right now. I'm trying to chalk it up to a post-Halloween stress fest that she's going through. She cries at the littlest thing, makes mountains out of molehills. Oh, yeah, she's just like me. Gotta love her though. Makes my little heart melt when she says she loves me. But the looks she gives me when she's pissed off!!!!! Oh my, am I in for it when she becomes a teenager!


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