Could This Be It?

I know I have an awful lot of links in my blog, but if you take a look at my Temp Chart, it was 98.6 this morning! That's a huge jump. I'm 11 DPO and due to get AF on Monday. Will she show? Could this be the infamous triphastic chart I've been looking for? Tune in tomorrow AM to see if the high temps continue. I know I will.

BTW, I did go through all the thoughts in my head of if I woke anytime during the night and such or if I took my temp at a different time, but no, it was 5 AM and I know I was sound asleep since my head hit the pillow at 11:30 PM.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed!!!


Anonymous said…
Good luck!
Emily aka madmommy
Crystal said…
My fingers are crossed! Good luck and keep us posted.

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