She's a Genius!

Phoebe is a genious! I know we all think that about our kids, but I have proof. As usual, the time we have our most meaningful conversations is in the car on the way home from school. She's usually not as talkative in the morning, as she is not a morning person. Out of the blue on the way home today:

"Hey Mom, you know if you're an astronaut in outer space you could keep going forever. Just like numbers, it goes on forever!"

Now I was so proud, I put my hand back for her to give me five. You see, we have debates like my dad and I did, although now I play the part of my dad in these conversations. I try to tell her ways to think about things, and she tells me I'm wrong. The latest has been on numbers that the cool thing about them is that they go on forever and that's what infinity means (I'm such a geek talking to my five-year-old about numbers!). Anyway, she tells me no that a million is the highest number. So on top of getting the concept on the continuation of numbers, she somehow learned that outer space goes on forever. She is so my kid.

On other topics, I'm off work tomorrow and have most of the day to myself! Hoorah! Phoebe has her five-year pediatrician appointment at 9 AM, and then she'll go to school. Tom has school tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday night. So I'm going to make a list of things that I want to get done and get to work after I get home tomorrow morning. I already started working on the list, as I washed the dog tonight. She smells much better now.

Other than that everything is going well. AF is due on Monday, because I ovulated early this month. We'll see what happens. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. I've been such a good girl on my diet. I've fudged here and there, but I really cut out the bad offenders such as no coffee, bagel, and cream cheese for breakfast. I've been eating eggs, oatmeal, and green tea.


Mandy said…
she is such a smart little girl and very lucky to have a mommy so interested in helping her learn.

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