The Fat Lady Sang

It is officially over. Temps dropped more this morning and AF arrived. I'm not really upset, as I've analyzed my chart and I strongly believe that my body was really thinking about being pregnant this month. For some reason it decided no, but if I wasn't paying attention to my cycle as I am, I never would've noticed as I had a 28-day cycle. If I wasn't charting, I wouldn't have known that I ovulated on Day 11 and was technically late. It reiterates for me that I am on the right path with the changes I've been making, and I think this will eventually work for me. If not, I'll be really healthy!!! I was also thinking of stopping taking my temps, but this shows me that this is still valuable information for me, so I will continue doing that as well.

On the changes that I've been making, I still splurge every now and then with a little coffee and cream or a small amount of pasta or bread, but they are splurges and not the regular staples of my diet that I used to have. My regular breakfast is not a bagel, cream cheese, and coffee, but oatmeal, dried cranberries, walnuts and a mug of green tea. I am considering doing a fasting tea cleanse, but with my hypoglycemia I don't think it's a great idea. I will continue with organic fruits and veggies.

Here's to next month!!!


kati said…
I'm sorry you had to join the red club once more.

My period messed with my head last cycle as well. For the first time in over a year, my lp was 14 days (resulting in a picture perfect 28 day cycle). Two days longer than it normally is...I was hopeful, too, despite all the early HPTs.

At some point, I also tried to cut out as much wheat and cheese as possible (did you, by any chance, read Dian Shepperson Mills' Book for your nutrition advice?). I wasn't quite strong enough :) The cheese is really difficult (pasta, too, though for a long time I successfully used quinoa noodles).
cat said…
Crap honey sad to hear this news. Hope your period is short and you get to move on to the better part of this ttc crap (the actual doing it!) soon.

Will be hoping for this new cycle.
Heather said…
Where I read this was in "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis. It's about Traditional Chinese Medicine for Infertility. It talks about herbs, acupuncture, and diet for your specific infertility issues. All my symptoms are pointing to cutting these things out of my diet and try to add in a bunch of other things. BTW, with pasta I've been using spagetti squash or where it makes since brown rice. Cheese is tough. Wine is really tough for me too. I'm Italian-American and grew up drinking a little wine with dinner.
Monica said…
I'm sorry. I hope next month will be your time.
Crystal said…
Crud. I'm sorry honey

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