Temp dropped to 98.0. I'm sure AF will arrive in next two days. Am now going to enjoy a big mug of coffee (mmmm Starbucks Italian Roast beans mmmmm), and tonight a nice glass of Vala's new reds as friends bringing some over to see the great work we've done on house to get it ready to sell.

I've got a lot more cleaning to do before they come over tonight, and Phoebe has ice skating this morning. Today is her test day to see if she's learned enough to move up to the next class. I'm not sure if she will. She's been working really hard, but she's just starting to grasp some of the concepts well. Not that it matters if she moves up. I'm not one for pushing her. I just like to make sure she's challenged.


Crystal said…
I'm sorry! That sucks! :o( there are never any words...

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