Cuteness Alert

Phoebe did the cutest thing last night when she was stalling to fall asleep in bed. I was downstairs and she called me to come back up. She sounded like she was trapped under something, so I came quickly... turns out she was just calling from under her blankets. First she asked me to kiss the palm of her left hand. Then she asked me to kiss the palm of her right hand. Then she took each palm and put them on the cheeks of her face, like she was pressing the kisses into her cheeks. Too cute!!!!

Well, my hair is officially red now. I got a different haircut too with some long sweepy bangs on both sides. Poor Tom, he's trying to get used to it. Phoebe of course loves it, because like me, being a girl is all about makeovers!!!!

I've really been loving reading fan fiction these days. My latest is under the Gone with the Wind section, but it's a changing/continuation of Scarlett, the sequel to GWTW that was done in the last decade or so. I read it twice and absolutely loved it. Both times I got it from the library. I really need to get my own copy, so I can read whenever I want. But I'm really enjoying this piece of fan fiction a lot too. Unfortunately the Bridget Jones' fan fiction section is not being updated. No new stories, no updates to existing. I've been toying with writing my first piece of fan fiction. I'd like to take the new Independant column she did of Bridget being pregnant, but change the results of the DNA test from Daniel Cleaver to Mark Darcy. No one wants Daniel to be the father anyway! BTW, I've never quite figured out how she found out from DNA testing before the baby was born? I know she talks about getting DNA from both Mark and Daniel, but how did she get the baby's DNA before birth - amniocentesis???? Ah, the mysteries of fiction! I shouldn't question, just write the way we all wanted that story to continue. I'm still thinking about it.

BTW, I haven't had any comments from anyone lately, not even my mother! What's up with that? I'm starting to feel like Bridget's answering machine.

OK, if I want anyone to comment, answer me this... are you a Beatles or a Rolling Stones fan. Most people fall into at least one of those. If you are a Beatles fan, do you prefer their earlier albums or the more psychadelic later phase? BTW, I'm a Beatles later phase fan. I love the earlier stuff too, but if I'm pressed my favorites albums are Sargent Peppers and Let it Be.


glenn said…
Funny, I never really liked either band. I never listened to either band unless it was forced upon me. Both bands have talent, but never really caught my attention. Within the past year I have purchased a beatles song book with their latter compositions, i.e Let It Be, A Day in the Life, Come Together, etc. This was a business purchase, not pleasure. But I have to say those songs are appealing.
I never really got the stones. Some of their tunes sound incomplete and rough. Almost 60-70's style garage band. Then again I never got Elvis either. Maybe its me?
I have to say I prefer the stylings of a King Crimson, Yes type band or even Liberace!

Glenn E. Williams
Anonymous said…
I like both those bands - since you asked.

John Calypso

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