Two Week Wait

It's official. I'm in the two week wait. I wasn't necessarily a saint over the Thanksgiving weekend when it comes to my diet, but I didn't slide completely off track. I only had a half a cup of black coffee at my mom's on Friday. I did have wine on Thanksgiving and over the weekend. I'm going to try my darnest not to have any for the remainder of the month. At least I've given up on weeknights after work. That's movement in a positive direction.

I'm going to try hard to be calm and peaceful the next two weeks and not go crazy in anticipation. I did end up reading the posts I have on Phoebe's birth. Reading about the night before my water broke and how she was kicking trying to find her exit makes me nostalgic about the past and how I'd like to feel that again in the future. I also did look it up and if we are pregnant this month, I'd have an August/Leo baby. DH is a Leo and it's awesome. I can't help but think I'd like to have a boy that's a Leo and looks just like DH. We'll see how it goes. I'll just sit back, drink my red raspberry leaf tea and hope for the best.


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