More Good Progress

We're on CD8 at the House of Joys. Tom's at school, so I let him borrow my car when he went yesterday so I could take his car for it's badly needed oil change. Instead of sitting at the dealer and waiting, we walked up the street and relaxed at my favorite (and only that I know of) juice bar. Phoebe had a berry smoothie and I had a cabbage, celery and parsely juice. I also had my first shot of wheatgrass. I am a wheatgrass virgin no more. I have to admit it wasn't that bad. We then went next door to the natural food co-op and picked up some supplies and Phoebe's favorite breadsticks. By the time we walked back to the car dealer, both of us with juices in hand and me with a box of food, our car was done. We must've been quite a sight!

Yesterday my False Unicorn Root came in, so I started taking that three times a day in some water. I've taken that before and it didn't work, but I wasn't doing all these healthy diet changes. Still no coffee. I think that's been almost a month now of no coffee. But I did have a glass of red wine at my friend's house last night. She had a baby two months ago and her DH had a rehearsal to be at (he's the musician I refer to on my site), so we had Girl's Night at her house! I brought over some frozen pizza, pringles for Phoebe and tortilla chips for us. I know it's not my healthy diet, but I'm allowing myself splurges every now and then.


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