I Was a Bad, Bad Girl

And it felt sooooo good. I love Girl's Night! BTW, Girl's Night around here is the Friday nights DH is at school and Phoebe and I buy junk food, watch movies, and later she get's to sleep in my room. Yes, my life is very exciting. Last night we got frozen pizza, pizza rolls, potato chips and cheese popcorn. I had some of everything and made myself a mango martini. Unfortunately for my trying to not have alcohol, DH found these yummy martini mixers, raspberry, cosmo and mango. So I let myself have a reprieve from being a saint and feel rejuvinated again this morning. I sit here drinking my green tea, in the kitchen, on my newly-working wireless network. I'm going to run some errands today with Phoebe and clean the house. Things are looking good!


Anonymous said…
That sounds like so much fun! We have Friday night pizza night where we play games and watch a movie. It's my favorite time of the week.

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