Keeping the Faith

No, I didn't get pregnant this month; however, I'm feeling very hopeful about the changes I've made and will be sticking to them. No coffee, take my vitamins/supplements, drink my herbal teas, eat healthy with lots of organic vegetables and fruits, no dairy, avoiding wheat and alcohol. My period was a lot different this month. No real "spotting" for a day or two before my period like I used to. There were only a few clots in my blood this month. It seems smoother and brighter. Sorry if TMI, but that's what I'm here to track.

Also I found out DH has still been reading my blog and he knows were officially "trying." He seems to be OK with it. Probably knowing that I don't want to go crazy this time, just be healthy. I'm also glad to be on this journey officially again. I really think Tom would be great with another child. We've already agreed it would be nice to have a son.

We went to the zoo on Saturday with another family we're friends with. They have a daughter Phoebe's age and a two-year-old son. They are really great people. It was really cute the few times Tom picked up their son (Because their son asked him to! It was too cute!), they were deep in conversation talking about trains and the animals. Phoebe had a great time. She had her face painted like a leopard. I'm going to see if I can post the pics tonight of her face. She totally loved it. It was that evening after we put the kids to bed and we were talking with this couple that it came out that Tom knew were officially trying. He more or less asked, but then admitted he read my blog. So let's all keep our fingers crossed for this month!


Anonymous said…
Oh, Heather, I am really hoping for you and your family! Such a sweet story about him picking up the little guy at the zoo.

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