Phoebe's First Report Card

We had our first Parent-Teacher Conference last night and her teacher gave us her first report card. I let out a big sigh of relief when we left. She's doing great. Her teacher told us she's ahead of where she should be for both reading and math and that her writing is coming along fabulously. No issues with her getting frustrated or playing with others. She is however a bit of a hypochondriac about any little issue and likes to go to the nurse's office. I think she likes the freedom of walking around the school by herself. We talked to her about that.

I was also really happy yesterday because in the morning, Phoebe told me for the first time (unsolicited too!) that she loves school. I really was getting worried, because she never really told me that. She always seems to act like going to school is too much work and she'd rather be playing outside. I think maybe now that she's comfortable in the new school, she's ready to enjoy all the new things she's learning.

She really has been funny lately. All kids seem to like to get their parents attention when the grownups are talking in the car and they are in the back seat. Some kids do it by acting bad. Ours shows off the things she knows, "I can spell Canada! C-A-N-A-D-A!" Which, BTW, she figured out on her own from me telling her "CANA" was part of the word Tropicana on the orange juice bottle she was drinking. She then figured out adding "DA" would make Canada. My other latest favorite, "I can count backward from 100! 100, 99, 98, 97, 96 ...." I guess we shouldn't complain.

On another topic, have I mentioned how much I love pitted dates as a snack at my desk. It's like a little piece of candy to me. And it's on my approved foods to eat!


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