Quite Proud

I've been very good. Still no coffee or dairy products. Taking all my vitamins. I started back up on my Flylady routines last night. It was nice to wake up to a clean kitchen sink this morning. I also started up a load of laundry this morning, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the breakfast dishes. I left the kitchen as clean as it was last night. V.g.

I'm really starting to enjoy my trips to the organic food store on my way home. Their produce selection is really quite good. I've started cleaning up Phoebe's lunch and snacks we pack for the day as well. She's only allowed to take one fruit roll up or packet of Yogos. The rest must be carrot sticks or some kind of fruit to go with her lunch. I'm trying to make sure I'm keeping her natural hyper state a little more low-key. Trying to cut down on her sugar consumption. Of course the fruit and veggies she's taking are organic, so that's good too.

She was so cute in the car ride home last night. She started by telling me about her "Rules for Your Body." They were things like "Don't watch too much TV" and "Eat healthy foods" and my favorite funny one "Don't hurt yourself on purpose." I asked her what the last one was about and she told me that her friend Tate hits himself in the head with blocks to hurt himself on purpose and he shouldn't do that. Then she started telling the news in the back seat of the car. It started with a weather report, then the traffic report and then some informational pieces like "You can't just water dirt and expect something will grow. You have to put a seed in the ground in order to grow something." and another "Birds need to eat worms. If they can't find enough worms to eat, they will die." I stopped with some comments and she asked me to be quiet, she was doing the news. So then I asked her if she wanted to be a news anchor when she grew up. She said "No, I just want to do my kid's news show now." OK.

I was also really good this morning about not losing my patience with her. It takes a lot of patience. She has a habit of getting lost in her thoughts, doesn't pay attention to what I'm asking her to do and she always wants to try to turn on the TV. I was pretty good about it and firm. I also didn't lose my cool when she started having a tantrum about some clip she wanted to put into her hair. I knew it wasn't necessary for her hair and after asking if she wanted me to put it in (NO!!) and going about my business to see if she would figure it out on her own, I calmly had her hand it to me, I put it away and told her to feed the dog. I'm quite proud of myself today.


Anonymous said…
I had to laugh about your starting the Flylady routines again -- I thought I was a nutball for trying those! You have much more tenacity than I do, I gave up for good on the whole idea a while ago. You're right about the "shiny sink" though, it does make a big difference in the morning :)

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