Taking Charge is Going Well

Things are going very well with Operation Taking Charge. I've done some research on some additional supplements I should take, and I'm going to put together a menu plan for me next week on what foods I should be eating - no wheat or dairy. I'm not big on sugar to begin with, but I will stay away from the leftover Halloween candy. I've been drinking green tea again in the mornings instead of coffee. I've been away from coffee for 14 days now and it feels good. I have had a splurge of one cup maybe once or twice, but I've usually only half finished it. This morning I did allow myself a 1/2 decaf cup, but didn't really enjoy it like I used to.

Also last night I not only did the bills, I fixed our wireless network!!! We can now leave the study to use our laptops!!! And it supports more than one laptop at a time!!! This is very exciting. We might get a repeater for the upstairs hallway to extend the network even farther for us. I'll be able to blog and read emails from bed!!!

Tom's at school tonight and Phoebe starts gymnastics tonight. She's very excited. Can't wait!


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