Taking Charge

That's it. I've had enough wallowing. It's take charge time. I think I've been fighting the fact that I know I really want another child. I've been trying, but only half-heartedly to have another. I think I haven't been fully committed because I know how crazy and stressed out I was when I was trying with the doctors. I hated the weight gain, the hormones, hating sex, etc. But I know a lot more now. I'm in tune with my body more, even if my temps are all over the chart right now. I know something is not right and needs to be fixed. I believe I can fully commit myself to getting pregnant again without losing myself, gaining a ton of weight, and isolating DH and I from our friends.

So with that in mind.... what are my passions?

1. My family - I love DH and Phoebe immensely. I want us to have a fabulous life together. And I'll state it. I want our family to grow!!!! We have more love that we can all share.
2. My friends - We have a very supportive network of friends that I want us to continue to spend time with.
3. My work - I really do love what I do and find it quite rewarding.
4. Yoga - I love the way I feel when I get to spend more time on the mat. It calms down my mind like nothing other.

There are things that I have been doing already to increase fertility and I need to understand that I'm in a much better place than I was after having Phoebe:

1. My chiropractor has practically eliminated my hip and lower back issues. He is awesome!!! I have always thought when going through infertility treatments that I couldn't get pregnant with the lower back issues I had. I knew it was stifling my lower torso of my body.
2. I have officially given up coffee again recently and this time it's going to stick. I am going to give up my precious wine too!
3. I have the tools I need from reading Inconceivable and The Infertility Cure. I will change my diet and my lifestyle to follow these. I may even take up juicing. I'll write more about these as we go.
4. I will make some modifications to my herbs that I'm taking and add False Unicorn Root to my protocol.
5. I will contact the new acupuncurist and find a way to handle the expense.
6. I will discuss this all with Tom that I want to officially try for another child and that this is my intention. I need to have this completely in the open. After a few months of cleansing my system and de-stressing my life, if we don't get pregnant, we will look at another infertility doctor in this area that I know of, but while continuing the diet, stress-relief and acupuncture. If I knew then what I know now, I think it would've worked last time. I will discuss with Tom that I don't want this to consume my life, but want to have fun and not lose ourselves in the process.

I'll keep you all updated on how things are going. I really feel like today is a turning point in how I've been feeling.


Crystal said…
Congrats girl on "Taking Charge" sounds like you are on your way. I'll be praying for you and your calming passage to motherhood again. Namaste.

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