The Good, The Bad, and Those That Won't Stop Fidgeting

Things are going well. I haven't had a cup of coffee in quite some time. I think I tried to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte on Sunday, but it wasn't from Starbucks or Borders, and it tasted like shit for lack of a better term. I threw it out after a few sips. I really thought it tasted like bug repellent. Sounds tasty, eh? I'm still working on giving up alcohol too, but I only had one martini on Saturday night and nothing since. I've been taking all my new vitamins and making sure I'm not skipping. I've added DHEA (low dose 25mg/day), B-vitamin supplements, L-arginine, and 60 mg zinc/day from 3-20mg zinc lozenges.

My lower back is killing me. I'm sure it's PMS, but that is no excuse. I've been working to get rid of this annoyance. Granted it's not as bad as it used to be ages ago, but I'd like to be pain-free. I was most of the month, and considering I'm due the end of the week, I'm thinking its the PMS backache. I've been spotting a little bit yesterday and today as well. Gotta love my friend Spot .... Not. I also would really like a latte right now. It's a rainy, dreary day and I'm sitting here working at my computer. I feel a little better though now that I admitted it in writing. Maybe now I can settle down to a cup of tea.

Those that won't stop fidgeting would be Phoebe. She's driving me crazy. She can't sit still to eat. Breakfast and dinner are a challenge, because she jumps out of her chair all the time. I think it's that she's tired rather than not getting enough energy out during the day. She really can't sit still when she's tired. It's almost like if she does, she'll fall asleep. She also keeps breaking down about things ALL THE TIME. The tears happen constantly about things she's frustrated about or lost or whatever. A few minutes later everything is fine. I try to remind myself these things are cyclical. She'll do this until I can't take it anymore and then everything will go back to normal. That's how she's always been since birth. If she is tired, it's not for lack of sleep, but I think she may need more than she's getting due to a growth spurt. She's eating constantly. We'll see how it goes. About now she should be stopping, as I'm going out of my mind!!!


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