I was really good today with my diet. Someone had pizza for a lunch meeting today and they put the leftovers in the breakroom. I had already eaten my vegetable/barley/tofu good for you soup, but it was so tempting!!! All that cheese and bread.... I went back to my desk and had a cup of tea and two dates. What will power! And still no coffee!!!!

But I hate the two week wait. I know we all do, but I'm going a bit crazy. I think I need to really try to focus on other things - like work and Phoebe, but it's very hard.

Phoebe was funny putting her to bed tonight, she was seriously stalling and she called me back in her room to ask me a question, "Why do we call a blanket a blanket and other things like a purse a purse?" I gave her a quick answer of, "If we didn't label things, how would we know what each other were talking about?"

I am doing something, by the way, to give me some excitement that probably isn't great for infertility. I'm seeing my hair stylist on Thursday evening and going completely red. I'm thinking Rose from Titanic red. I know when I have red hair, my eyes look much greener. Phoebe tells me my eyes are green already. She doesn't think they are blue at all. Well, if I go through with it, I'll have to update my blog picture, as I won't look much like the pic at all anymore.


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