Another Powerless Night

We had some serious thunderstorms whip through the Philly area last night and our power did not survive. It went out around 7:30PM before the rain even hit. The winds that preceeded the storm were wicked, and that's when the power went out.

We taught Phoebe how to play a new card game (for her). It's A$$hole, but we called it "Butthead" which is the worst thing you can say in 7-year-old language. She loved it. We played three rounds of cards before it got too dark to play anymore and then put her to sleep in her own bedroom. I told her we couldn't sleep well the night before when she was in our bed, as she was all over the place.

Leo and I then sat in our sitting room with some candles lit and we talked a little and then we both fell asleep. We eventually woke up and went to the bed, and woke up at 3:30 AM when the security system panel was beeping because it's backup power was out. I didn't know Leo tried to fix it and came up empty. I went downstairs to try to do something as it was keeping me awake and the panel is right under Phoebe's bedroom. I was afraid it would wake her up and then she'd be miserable today. The first thing I tried on the panel did work - I punched in the security code and hit OFF. I had a hard time falling back asleep. I was thinking about work issues - and that rarely ever happens to me, yuck! While I was just starting to doze off, I noticed the clock was blinking and our ceiling fan turned on, which let me know we had power again. I set the clock time and alarm and went back to sleep.

Tonight I have got to get some serious work done around the house. Since we haven't had power for the past two nights, I haven't been able to see to straighten up the house in the evening. Laundry is piling up and stuff I wanted to get done on the computer hasn't happened. Hopefully tonight will be a "powerful" night (pun very much intented).


Trace said…
That's what happens when you live in the country (wink). Sweetness loves storms. He says the sound of rain is soothing. It sounds like an evening relaxing with candles and no power was a night made for romance.
Heather said…
That is so super frustrating. I'm a girl who needs her sleep so I MRS cranky pants without it. I hope you get some stuff done and a good nights rest tonight!!

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