The Internet Saved Mr. Bear

What did moms do before the Internet? How would a non-Internet Mom find out how to save her daughter's prized teddy bear after she accidentally slept with a ball of Silly Putty and got it all in the fur.

I woke up Phoebe yesterday and I was surprised to see some yellow, sticky stuff in her bed. It took me awhile to realize it was Silly Putty all in her sheets and teddy bear. She was so upset about her favorite teddy bear getting ruined. I explained like I always do, that I can fix anything. Thank God for my friend Google. Within 5 minutes I knew that rubbing alcohol would get out silly putty. I did a quick rub through of Mr. Bear before she left for school yesterday.

After work, I bought two more bottles and by the time she went to bed, Mr. Bear was clean and her quilt made by Ma and sheets were in the washer. BTW, after I got the putty out with the alcohol, there was still a little stain in the fabric from the color in the putty. I sprayed some Shout on that and put it in the washer on "Heavy Stain" mode and let it go to town.

Before the Internet, how many friends would I have to call to figure all that out? I'm so glad that I was able to have the answer quickly so she could go to school knowing Mr. Bear would be OK.


docgrumbles said…
What DID we do before the internet?
dmarie said…
Google has saved me many a time. It has also helped me obsess many, many, many a

You're right though. I have no idea what I would do without it.
Tina said…
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Best wishes,

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