Mall Curfew in Delaware

I'm getting behind on posting everyday. I was watching the news this morning and they reported on something that made me very happy.

The mall nearest us is in Delaware (Christiana Mall) and has an issue on Friday and Saturday nights that it is overrun with teenagers. I don't mind teenagers except when they run free in this mall, they have a tendency to fight and curse. We have accidentally forgotten about the weekend night teenage crowd and have brought our daughter to the mall then, and I inwardly cringe the whole time.

Well they have a new rule that will go in affect on July 11th - no child under 18 is allowed to be in the mall on Friday and Saturday night without an adult present. The mall administrator on the news said they are going to post security at the entrances during these times and ask to see ID and if there is someone that's under 18, and there is no one over 21 with them, they will turn them away.

I think this will make a huge difference, as I know of many families and adults that avoid the mall during these timeframes, so it's only made it worse that there's usually just teenagers.


Duck said…
This reminds me of the time that I spent in Labrador City (which is a small community way way way North in Canada). In this town, no one under 18 is allowed out on the streets past midnight, so we had to sneak around behind the houses, it was fun!
Yeah too many teens in a mall can be a dangerous mix!
docgrumbles said…
we had a similar problem at a local mall - it made seeing a movie at the mall cinema unbearable. Calling a curfew was controversial - but welcome by many.
Wow, I'm jealous. I wish the malls by me would do this as at times they can be very scary places because there are so many unmonitored teens there--and I work with teens on a daily basis.
Trace said…
Oh wow! That mall is huge and I'm usually I'm intimidated. Although they do a Lord & Taylor... I had no idea, and I tend to steer clear of the mall unless it is absoulutely necessary. I agree w/Doc Grumbles. The movie thing is what drives me nuts. Especially since movies are so expensive now.
In Newport on the Levee in Northern KY we heard an officer ask a group of kids were their parents were. I was so glad to see that. It does make all the difference.

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