Power Out Last Night

We had an interesting but unproductive evening last night. Our power went out in the middle of dinner at 7PM last night. It didn't come back on until around 3AM.

We're really lucky that we have good friends five minutes from our house. Their power was out too, but they have a pool! We went over there until it was time to send Phoebe to bed. She slept in our bed last night and stole all our covers (even when it was hot with no A/C).

Leo and I were really tired, so we went to bed around 10PM, but we all still had a hard time waking up this morning.

It's been unbelievably hot for the past several days here in the Philly area (heat index of 103F today!). I'm hoping the power outage wasn't load related and that we don't have a repeat tonight. I'd like to get some things done around the house. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to cool down to the 80s and that will be much better!


Trace said…
Yup! It's out of control! This morning I woke up and told my husband how thankful I was that we have air conditioning!

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