Be Fearless

This morning when I was driving to work, I was thinking and wondering where my fearlessness went. I was listening to some music I used to listen to when I was in college and reminding myself how I felt I could do anything. And I haven't remembered feeling that way in a long time. I think I hang back too much. Waiting for someone else to tell me which way to go, what to do, what needs to be done, etc. I think it has to do with getting older. As time has gone by, you realize you haven't accomplished everything you thought you would be able to do and that makes you wonder why you ever felt so optimistic. But when you step back and think about it another way - if you weren't so optimistic and shooting for the moon - would you have ever got off the ground?

I know I've talked about it before, that I feel like I haven't been truly living, just kind of coasting through life right now, but I really need to get off my butt and get moving again. I'm trying to remind myself to "Be fearless" in my every day life. I did that at work today and I think I accomplished a lot. Now I need to feel that way about things in my personal life. I'll be working on that. Have you done something fearless today, or another way of looking at it, did you truly embrace life? If so, what did you do?

I'm off to take Phoebe to her ice skating lesson. I need to plan out our grocery list and menu for the next week instead of chatting with the ladies.


Trace said…
Nope, nothing fearless. Just feeling old, old, old... I'll be fearless with you though.
Joanne Balconis said…
Fearless, what does this mean? It means being without fear! I think I am fearless every day in my life. I charge into the day with enthusiasm. I think of how thankful I am for my life,and the things I have accomplished. Love MOM
Martha said…
Thank you for giving me alot to think about. I have lost my "fearless" mojo, it's kind of hard to slay the dragon when you're tied up with taking care of the castle, little princes, and work. Thanks also for reminding me to "embrace life". Now if only I can figure out what to make for dinner tonight! Best to you and the family- Martha

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