Sex & The City Movie Review

One of the perks of Phoebe being at the in-laws is the ability to go out on a weeknight. We went to see "Sex and the City" last night. There were some things I liked and some things I didn't like. There are minor spoilers here, so if you haven't seen the movie yet (why the h*ll not!) don't read any further.

Things I Liked
- The final outcome for Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte
- The ways Charlotte wasn't so perfect
- The clothes!!!! The Vivienne Westwood wedding dress was to die for!!!

Things I Didn't Like So Much
- The final outcome for Samantha (and she's my favorite character, so really not happy!!!)
- How Charlotte's daughter was hanging out with the girls all the time and they had to watch what they said. Brady was in some of those hang out times, but not as much as Lily.

I almost forgot to mention my ultimate favorite part, which is when Samantha notices Miranda's hair issue "down there" when they are all sitting in their swimsuits in Mexico. Very close to her exact words are "I could be on Death Row and not have that issue you have going on there!" Leo and I discussed that coming home from the movies. Especially remembering that when I was pregnant with Phoebe, there was a point I stopped shaving because it was just too hard to reach. Well the actual day my water broke (I was only 36 weeks) I got really frustrated with what was going on "down there" and sat on the bottom of the shower stall that morning and took care of business. Funny thing is I didn't remember until a year later when I watched the video of her birth. Leo and I were watching it and all of a sudden it hit me "I was shaved completely bald and no one said a thing!" LOL. I guess that was my version of nesting. So ladies that check my blog that are pregnant, if you hit an unexplainable urge to shave parts of your body that the sun doesn't (usually) shine, you may be nesting!


Samantha said…
Hmm, I actually never have an urge to shave down there, although I do sometimes suck it up for swimsuit season. We'll see if that changes...
Martha said…
That is so freaking funny, certainly brings a new level to nesting!
Kate said…
I really liked the movie too. I especially liked that they seemed older and they weren't out doing all the same parties and events like in the show. I thought it was also a little darker than the TV show and not as funny. And I thought they made Charlotte seem like an idiot in the movie - no substance at all. Well that's my two cents!
Oh that is so funny! I am so low maintenance that I neglect that very important area.
Lynda said…
I didn't like the way Lily didn't say much and just sat around unlike most three years I know - just hanging?! Normally it's all-about-me at that age - not about hanging with adults. Yeah, I know - it's only a movie!

But I loved the SATC movie & would see it again. I'd share more but don't want to spoil the movie for anyone!

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