Waiting Pattern

We're just in a holding pattern here at our house. Waiting for AF to show so we can begin IVF. I'm due sometime the week of the 16th. I give a big leeway for when I'm due since I usually don't last 28 days. Another symptom of endometriosis. I'll go make a notation of that one too in my old post. I'm due on the 20th but I'll probably go a few days earlier.

This is Phoebe's last full week of school. Next Tuesday is their last day and they have a 1/2 day. I'm so looking forward to summer. She's going to spend two weeks with my DH's parents and then she'll have six weeks of summer camp at Opera Delaware. I'll love having her driving with me back and forth to work and camp (which is around the corner from my office). We'll get lots of quality talking time. Maybe not so much in the morning, as she's not a morning person, but definately in the afternoon car rides, she loves to talk.

We went to Wildwood with our nephew this weekend and had a blast! I got a bit of a sunburn on my shoulders, so did Leo and our nephew, but Phoebe was completely unscathed. She just tans. So now I'm jealous of her complexion as well as her abs. Have I ever mentioned my daughter has amazing ab and arm muscles for a seven year old. You can't tell because she's so lanky, but to watch her go across a netting hanging over a pool at the waterpark on Saturday is so funny to watch. The girl is destined for American Gladiator she moves so fast.


lisalou said…
Good luck with IVF next cycle.

As a "pick me up", it might interest you to know, that about 5 years ago while I was in University I did a bit of waitressing.And... I served Colin Firth his supper!

I though you might like that story because your profile says you're fond of him.

He is just as dreamy in real life...

Martha said…
Best Wishes for this next IVF cycle. Your daughter sounds adorable and I will look for her on American Girl Gladiators!
Lauren said…
Was that the Wildwood Water Park in Ohio? If so I love that place too. If not then never mind. ;-)

Good luck with the IVF!
Lynda said…
All the best with the IVF!

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