Bok Choi Recipe and Macrobiotic Dinner Menu

On the macrobiotic dinner menu tonight, I had the following:

Miso soup with ginger
Brown Rice
Kinpira (carrots and burdock)
Braised bok choi

The braised bok choi is my own recipe, but it is very easy. You can do this with any upward-growing vegetable, like kale, escarole, or bok choi.

Braised Bok Choi
I head bok choi, chopped into medium size pieces
olive oil
chopped garlic

In a medium size sauce pot over medium heat, saute the garlic in the olive oil until the oil is flavored with the garlic. Add the bok choi, stir in with the garlic and oil, cover and let steam in it's own juices. Serve hot.


Kate said…
You are so good with your daily postings! I'm so far behind. Yikes. Oh by the way, your Phoebe is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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