The Rules to Play in our House

I got this idea from my SIL who runs a day care from her house. She has a list of rules posted in the kitchen for all kids to follow. I noticed I kept telling Phoebe the rules for when her friends come to play in her playroom, which is also next to her bedroom with a bathroom in between. So they pretty much go through all those rooms. They are good kids, but cleanup is often a pain, as they don't put things back where they belonged and I'm not always happy when they choose to play with things that are not toys, such as her good dresses that fit nicely and such. I was getting annoyed with reminding Phoebe of these rules and depending on her to tell her friends.

This wasn't a huge deal in the school year because everyone was busy doing homework and afterschool activities, so the girls in the neighborhood only came over on weekends. Now that all the schools are out, they are free to play in the afternoons. Today was the first day of all afternoon play and they came to our house. Now, I do want the kids to come to our house to play. I like interacting with them and knowing where they are and if they are getting into trouble.

So today I posted the rules to play in Phoebe's house on the outside of her playroom door. I told her to have her friends read the rules and to tell them if they can't follow the rules in the house, they need to play outside. Here are the rules I posted:

1. Please do not play with the clothes and shoes in Phoebe’s closet. They are not play clothes.
2. Do not play with money in piggy bank. Money is not a toy.
3. Please only take out one bin or drawer of toys at a time. Put them back where they came from so it’s where it belongs next time.
4. Do not play with water or art supplies upstairs.
5. Do not play in Phoebe’s parents’ room. This is off limits.
6. Inside toys are not taken outside for play.
7. Please use your manners and play nicely.
8. Have fun!!!!!

Has anyone else with older children done anything like this, if not do you think this is a good idea, or am I totally off my rocker. Please note my daughter will be 8 in October and her friends in the neighborhood are all a year or two older than her.


Kim said…
Delurking here to say that I think this is a GREAT idea. Setting expectations and expecting children to follow them is teaching them responsibility and should help your sanity. SuperNanny would be very proud of you!! :)
Martha said…
I love the lists, it takes the job of being a nag away from you and puts it onto a neutral third party. Good going! (My sons are 13 and 10 years old)
Well-heeled mom said…
It's a great idea! I hope to remember this.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I see that you have endometriosis. Mine is level 4 and when I was diagnosed through surgery it was a big "duh!" moment for me. Suddenly everything made sense. It's such a much more serious condition than I ever realized.
Love the rules!
S said…
The rules are excellent, when my daughter is able to read I am totally going to use this!

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