The Meds Are In!

I received my shipment of meds yesterday for our IVF cycle. Wow! It's a lot! It's about twice as many medicines as the ovulation induction cycle we were doing. I'm getting really excited. I'm hoping this works quickly. I'm not sure exactly how much I can take. I'll be trying to stay relaxed and such in the meantime. I'm scheduled to stop taking birth control pills on July 2nd, and I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get my period when I stop. It's not like I've ever been on BCPs before. There was never any need. So the excitement is mounting over here.


Trish said…
WOOHOO! Good Luck!!
Martha said…
Cool, great news. I'm really excited for you guys and will be here for you and the family. ((Hugs)) You are on your way, Heather! Here's to a lil'bro or sis for Phoebe!!
Trace said…
Good luck!!
Suzanne said…
Good luck! When I got off BCPs this last time for cysts suppression, I started about 3-4 days later, and it was really light...they said because BCPs keeps the uterine lining pretty thin.

Go get 'em!
Loren said…
OOOOOOhhh, exciting! I can't wait to hear what happens!! I'm hoping a quick and easy conception. :)

Thanks for your supportive comment, as usual. I have an appt on Wed with my dentist.
Crystal said…
How exciting! Good luck on your upcoming cycle!

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