Monday, Monday and Self Magazine Article Review

What a day! I'm going to leave work shortly and it was a very tiring day. People just having no customer service skills whatsoever. Thankfully, I know their manager and she is a reasonable person. Just got off the phone with her and it's mostly sorted out. At least I feel better. This is not good for the relaxation I need to be trying to find.

On another front, I read a really interesting article yesterday in the July 2008 issue of Self magazine. It was about a woman (Deanna Kizis) who gave an actual name and personage to the negative voices in her head. She gave him the name Stan. Stan tells her all the bad things about herself: too lazy, nobody likes her, etc. and she tells him to go F off. I like this idea and I'm thinking about it. I am very self-critical and I'm wondering if this can help me. I've also been feeling very negative lately, mostly because of how critical I am and it's affecting my life. I'm starting to think that maybe it's my Stan that's been causing me to not live fearlessly as I've discussed in previous posts. Maybe the fact that I thought I haven't been living fearlessly is Stan's voice. I think I do live pretty fearlessly. I face my infertility, marriage, job, mothering with an open mind and I'm pretty out there. I come up with my own creative solutions for things every day. Take my other post on the rules for Phoebe and her friends to play in the house. No one told me they did that or that it was a good technique. I came up with it all on my own. I don't know how it's going to work yet, since Phoebe's been at Leo's parents since the day after they were posted and she didn't have anyone over in the one day they were posted and she was home. But I am creative, talented, energetic and amazing. And I'm liking the name Stan. I think I'm going to have a conversation with him today and tell him where to go and how to get there!


DC said…
I love this idea! I think I'm going to name my inner critic Fred. Or maybe Ned (like Negative Ned). Hmmmm.
Martha said…
I read a great article about Buddhism and the bottom line is we can't be kind to anyone else unless we are kind to ourselves. I think so many of us have a negative soundtrack in our head and we have to change the recording. I am trying to do this not only with myself, but also with others. There's a book about Mindful Intention and it talks about working towards a state of appreciation for ourselves, our loved ones, strangers, and our world. It's tough for me to put in practice. One of the many gifts I get from my job as a pediatric RN working with chronically ill children is appreciation for our family's health. Sending my best wishes for you and your family's health, well being, and Namaste!
Lynda said…
Could your Stan come over and give my Stan a kick in the butt? Thanks! ;)
Kate said…
Eff off Stan!

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