PG - 6 Weeks

My first ultrasound is tomorrow and I must admit I keep getting scared that it's not going to look good, or as Tertia would put it I've been having DBTs (dead baby thoughts). I really hope everything looks great and that we do see a heartbeat. I know it's a littl on the early side, but sometime between 6 and 7 weeks we should see the heartbeat. I'd rather see it on the early side, nice and strong to relieve my mind and make me think that everything is going to be OK. I really don't want this to be another failed pregnancy. I'd like to just once in this journey to have the fairy tale where everything is rosy and peachy. I need it so badly so I can heal from all the failures and disappointments.

BTW, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. I definitely did, since it was still early on to start worrying about the ultrasound. But we've also been busy every day, which has helped keep my mind off waiting for Monday. I wish I could just crawl into bed right now and sleep until tomorrow is here. But there is laundry to do, a daughter to be picked up from her cousins, and blogs to check that I haven't looked at in awhile.

Ooooo, and I also finished reading the Twilight series! I finished the last book this morning. It was amazing. I highly recommend them!


Martha said…
I hope everything is great and you have a peachy pregnancy too! Sending my best for tomorrow's U/S.
Cassandra said…
It may have already happened by now, but I wanted to wish you good luck on your U/S. Sending LBT (L for live) your way!

Glad I could get your mind off the DBT, even for a moment.
Hoping and praying that everything goes beautifully tomorrow!!! :)
nancy said…
By 7 weeks, ~all~ babies should have a heartbeat (per my OB). But 6 weeks can still be early. At 6 weeks, we did not see a heartbeat, but at 7 weeks, there is was - beating strong. Many do get to see it beating at 6weeks though. I had such late implantation (beta was only 15 at 11dp3dt), that's probably why.

Wishing you all the HB&HB (heart beat and healthy baby) vibes! Update as soon as you can, okay?
Thinking about you today, my dear friend!!

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