IVF#2 - CD16 - Fertilization Report

I just listened to my voice mail at the doctor's and they left the fertilization report for today. Out of the 13 eggs they retrieved, 8 were mature, they used ICSI for fertilization on those 8 and I currently have 8 embryos! Let's all keep our fingers crossed they all grow and at least 2-3 of them look fabulous for a 5-day transfer on Friday!!!!


Hopeful Mother said…
Great news! Keep it coming!

Thinking of you and hoping for great news on Friday.
Martha said…
That's wonderful! Sending my best for Friday!
Awesome!! Awesome!!
Carrie Ann said…
That's great!!! Thinking of you -
Anonymous said…
WOW! 8 embryos!! WOW!

How many will you implant???

YAY!!! Keeping everything crossed for you, sweetie!!! :)
Oh good luck!! That is exciting! I will be checking in to see how it goes. Best wishes!
JJ said…
GREAT report! Go follies, go!
twondra said…
Awesome news!!! Thinking of you!!!

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